AW2018_CP_Raw tuna(3)-min
AW2018_CP_Rosemary lamb(1)-min
AW2018_CP_Pickled stuffed peppers(1)-min
AW2018_CP_Aubergine and whipped feta(1)-min
AW2017_CP_Smoked salmon Blini(2)-min
AW2017_CP_Italian beef slider(1)-min
food-salmon stick-1-min
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Menus at 18 Clerkenwell Green

Check out our selection of sample menus:

General brochure and a selection of sample menus.

Sample canapé menu 1 .

Sample canapé menu 2 .

Sample vegan menu .

Sample late night munchies menu .

To find out more or to meet the team and have a look around, call Hannah on 020 7395 1265.
or drop her a line at